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*It was late morning by the time Orihime stirred in bed. She could tell by how warm it was, and by the light that filtered through her curtains. Her curtains... Her....

She sat up suddenly. SHE WAS BACK IN HER ROOM.. Her room in Lahan anyway. It wasn't totally surprising, since they had been in Lahan the day before, but there was a familiar sound coming from the yard. She leaped from bed.. almost. But after a moment of rolling on the floor, untangling herself from her bed sheets, she hurried to the window.

When she peeked out, she saw the creature she had met yesterday, asleep amongst.. HER DUCKS. She cried out happily, and ran through the house, throwing up the front door and hopping off the porch. Hoppy was even there! She scooped him up into a hug, smiling the whole time.*

Hoppy chan! I'm so happy you're alright! You must have been waiting here this whole time.. Ah... *Her smile faded for a moment, she had never heard back from Ichigo the day before.. Maybe he was with Ishida! She hurried back into the house with Hoppy, and just a few minutes later, she was dressed and ready to go. She slipped out of the gate, and started up the road, still clutching the small duck.*

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