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*Cold, alone, and NAKED sitting on the side of the road, Doctor Venture rubbed his head and stared forward blankly. He nodded once, and twice.. then a third time.*

Look is that all you came here for?! To just cut me-- Oh I get it.

*He reached into the pocket of his slacks and produced a pill compact. He shook a couple of his pills loose and popped them into his mouth. His eyes suddenly focused and he frowned, looking up and down the road before turning his attention to his wrist.*

Brock, come in Brock. Brock! I seem to have fallen out of a taxi, surely not on my own accord. Look, put the boys to bed and just swing by and pick me up in the X-1. BROCK?!

*he shook the communicator and stared at it for a moment, before letting out a loud sigh.*

Great and now this thing's out again. What next?

*He sat, frowning for a few moments, before he laboredly climbed to his feet and started to shuffle up the road toward Lahan, muttering to himself as he went.*

Maybe they've got something I can use to fix this damn thing.. Or at least an ATM.

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