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*Ed stood on the side of the road, staring at the upturned ground of the hole he has just covered. He hadn't wanted to do it.. And he didn't think it would go so horribly wrong.. He just hoped that Damn Marcoh kept up his end of the deal. He sighed and turned away, lugging his guilt and his shovel down the street.*

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*Nearby, a tall teenage watched Ed pass by, quirking a brow as his bubble of gum popped. He shrugged his shoulders and followed after the boy, curious, though it was hidden by a bored expression.*

Didja bury a body or somethin', kid? Or did you go plant some fucking plants?

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Don't wanna dirty another pair of hands.

*He walked next to him and snatched the shovel away from him.*

Looks like you've got a diaper rash, fucking runt. What's got you so pissed?

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You got a problem with my ears, Edward Elric?

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*He swiftly flipped the shovel and struck him on the top of the head quite hard with the wooden handle.*

Fucking pipsqueak.

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*He quirked a brow and took a step back.*

Fucking. Pipsqueak.

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*Hiruma fell backwards from the punch, skidding against the ground to a stop.*

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*OH BUT he was hitting an already dented shovel, from the first punch. Hiruma snapped whistled and soon a large fat dog, half the size of Edward, tackled the eldest Elric to the ground.*

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*The dog backed off with a yelp and hid behind his owner. Hiruma stood up and threw the shovel aside, dusting dirt off his jersey.*

Who said I wanted to fight?

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That you'd yell at me, like some kind of fucking hen pecking, over emotional, house wife.

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*And a gun was pointed right back at him.*

Try that again, and you'll have some bullet holes in that metal of yours.

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*Hiruma stared at the earth wall, surprised for a moment before he strapped the gun to his back, and climbed up the wall. Pressing his hand to the top of it, he pushed himself up and over the top of it. He pushed himself away from the wall to fly his feet right at the alchemist's face.*

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*Hiruma's ears twitched and he used the stone replica to hop off of and avoid the punch. But the awkward shape the stone caused his foot to slip, sending him crashing and tumbling to the ground. He rolled and jumped up to his feet, unloading a few rounds on the alchemist.*