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Old people are lame.. Even when you're nearly one of them.

*SIGH. Ever since that idiot, Margulis, attacked the group.. things had been dragging. Shion had gotten herself attacked too, and was now in one of her reclusive moods. Pellegri was ready to jump ship to search for Emeralda, after receiving word from Mathews that Ichigo and crew had gone off on their own and disappeared.. Why couldn't one mission work in their favor? Just once?

Oh well. He had given them some time to turn things around.. and everyone still seemed wrapped up in their own ends. As much as he wanted to help out.. The foundation had to come first. AND Gaignun was so kind as to purchase Vector's latest cloaking technology. THANKS GAIGNUN, YOU'RE A REAL PAL.

Jr. borrowed a certain bluehead android to download the device, and then borrowed a nice MOMO to help install it on Asher. He bribed one with upgrades and the other with the promise of a shopping spree at the bunnie store in exchange for keeping quiet where he'd gone.. Then got himself ready for an infiltration. :D Of Pleroma. AND he set out, thinking he was alone, at least, and whistling an old cowboy tune.*

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*Jr did have a habit of sneaking out when things were moving too slowly for him. Most people probably wouldn't have noticed, but most people didn't have sensors and a follow the pink head fetish. She hadn't told on him but her fretting was enough that the old cyborg had to respond. The area was clear, no readings of enemy vessels...

So Ziggurat 8 sent a hail.*

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I wished to ask you the same thing Jr. Infiltrations are best done when other parties are aware and in small units.

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*D: well actually....Im only navigating. Part of her worrying was wanting to come help.*

....No we will assist you in hopes that the others will have dealt with their issues by our return.

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I'm sorry Jr.. I didn't tell.. Ziggy just knew.. But we wanted to help..

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Yes, MOMO is not at fault for our being here.

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I see. But we are already half way there. Do you suggest we return and regroup?


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*He nodded and cut the hail waiting to follow him back.*

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*Damn snap. NOW what would they do. Instinct said to follow, training said to gather a team and go after him.*

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Ziggy... *She lowered her head slightly.. THOUGH she was still obviously trying to track Asher through the cloak.*

I think he's angry at us..

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His anger is irrelevant. Should we retrieve him or return and gather a party?

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*She looked upward as the data being processed moved visibly across her eyes.*

U-TIC's full forces are gathered in their base.. At current strength and supplies.. we aren't a match.. If we don't draw attention to Asher, he might be able to move past them undetected.. In a group we could stand a chance against their anti-aircraft defenses.

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Then we shall return and gather the others.

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*She nodded* Yes, let's hurry.

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*Back.. wherever the rest of the group was.. Pellegri was waiting near Ruben's foot for the 100-series to return. *She had crossed her arms and sighed impatiently.. as if that might speed things up*

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*Yes, that is always the best way to speed things up.*

*Jin was standing still also awaiting both crafts but when he saw that only one returned his heart fell.*

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*MOMO scrambled from her craft quickly, and hurried to Jin* Jin! We have to help Jr!

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*Pellegri's jaw set in an angry frown, and turned her gaze to the ground*

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.......*He gave a small sigh.* I see. Then we must make haste.

Shion is still recovering... chaos is with her now. *GIANT old man hop into the Rueban*

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*Pellegri followed him silently.*

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*MOMO frowned.. she had expected.. well, I bigger group.. But.. maybe they could do it.. She looked at Ziggy for reassurance.. :D;;*

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This does not bode well. If Jr is in any sort of damaged condition when we find him it will be difficult for only two units to both defend themselves and escape.

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*She frowned.. That was NOT reassurance.* But what else can we do.. If Shion is hurt, she can't go with us..

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No and it would be worse to leave her in her condition alone.

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*MOMO would have agreed, but there was.. sudden movement from Dinah. :D :D :D :D IT was shaky but.. it began to follow Jin and pellegri.. slowly*

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*OH that Shion. :| Jin hailed the Dinah the moment it was read on his screen.*

Shion!? What are you doing you should be restin-....Rikku?

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SURPRISE! Umm.. you aren't mad right? You guys need help, so I thought I could give it, y'know? heheheh...

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*Pellegri looked away from the screen, muttering under breath* Yes, baggage is exactly what we need.

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H-hey! I heard that! This kind of thing is my specialty, y'know! You're gonna see, I'm gonna pilot better than you could any day!

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JIN. Every moment that we waste is more danger that we are putting our captain in.

[identity profile] cbrana-rihdan.livejournal.com 2008-02-24 08:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Hmph. Jin, I can come too, right? PLEEEEAAAAAAASE

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I know. *He still took a moment just a brief one to breath and clear his head of the women's voices.*

Rikku.........you had better hang back until you learn the controls better. *He gave a small grin and prepared for ascension.*

[identity profile] cbrana-rihdan.livejournal.com 2008-02-24 08:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Alright! Don't worry, I'll be backing you up!

[identity profile] novia-ex.livejournal.com 2008-02-24 08:53 pm (UTC)(link)
*D< Bastard. Pellegri silently fumed and turned her attention to the navigational end of things.. SO as not to have to pay attetion to Jin being there. :D*

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Thank you Rikku....

*OH GOD He was so proud of her. But for now they had to rescue Jr. They were off~! Racing to the Pleroma keeping in the planets gravity field for the moment to cloak their position.*

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*MOMO had gotten Ziggy to get back in the ES and her face came up on the screens of the other machines.* The Kukai foundation's anti-aircraft detection cloaking has been downloaded to our E.S. crafts. This should ensure safe entry.. But detection is still possible. Please be on your highest guard as we approach.

[identity profile] hotsauce-plz.livejournal.com 2008-02-24 09:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Understood. Thank you MOMO. Are we within range for you to determine the Asher and it's pilots relative location yet?

[identity profile] peach-dme.livejournal.com 2008-02-24 09:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Pilot has infiltrated the enemy base. Craft and pilot location are inside holding bay. Craft has most likely been suspended in transfer mode.