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Gaignun Kukai Jr. ([personal profile] kookai) wrote in [community profile] tetriscookie2008-02-24 09:32 am

Old people are lame.. Even when you're nearly one of them.

*SIGH. Ever since that idiot, Margulis, attacked the group.. things had been dragging. Shion had gotten herself attacked too, and was now in one of her reclusive moods. Pellegri was ready to jump ship to search for Emeralda, after receiving word from Mathews that Ichigo and crew had gone off on their own and disappeared.. Why couldn't one mission work in their favor? Just once?

Oh well. He had given them some time to turn things around.. and everyone still seemed wrapped up in their own ends. As much as he wanted to help out.. The foundation had to come first. AND Gaignun was so kind as to purchase Vector's latest cloaking technology. THANKS GAIGNUN, YOU'RE A REAL PAL.

Jr. borrowed a certain bluehead android to download the device, and then borrowed a nice MOMO to help install it on Asher. He bribed one with upgrades and the other with the promise of a shopping spree at the bunnie store in exchange for keeping quiet where he'd gone.. Then got himself ready for an infiltration. :D Of Pleroma. AND he set out, thinking he was alone, at least, and whistling an old cowboy tune.*

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