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^_^, aids, anime, apples, arietta, asch is a goober, axel, azumanga daioh, bartweiser, battletoads, beanruto, beef stew soldiers, bees, being fairly gangster, billy, book burnings, bookpiles, bount only not, branches, chatrooms, coffee, computers, crack in proverbial sense, dainty knights, darkies, desu noto, dist the rose, dribbly, duckroll, ducks, elsa parties, envy, eyebrows, fancy space priests, fei, fei's heart vomit, france, free time, glitter, greed, houses of wood, ice cream, ice cream stands, ishida the virgin forever, jade curtiss, japan, jin uzuki, kekeke, kevin, kleptomaniacs, legal porn, lol, los gatozilla, luke the virgin forever, luke's mom's panties, making fun of everything, manga, manly high notes, master van, mayo, mermaids, micha germs, mieu, mommy dist, monocles, mudkips, my little ponies, naked space parties, nanomachines, not being pedo, okinawa, otters, pamphlets, panties, peeking renji, pellegri, penguins, peony, peta, pokemon, pools closed, prancing, princess ishida, rappigs, replicas, roleplaying, roosters, roth mantel, rotten eggs, sellers, sir shrub, smashtext, sukebe books, t-elos, tales of the abyss, tap, team u-tic, towels, trees, tubes, turtle banjos, u-tic, vocal, wilhelm, winking, xenogears, xenomon, xenosaga, xenosaga iv, yuriev, zebras, zohars, zombies
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