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*Demyx did his training as his original trainer was inside. He used his beat form most of the time as he trained but something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. It was small, black, and had a rather large horn for a mouth.

So after a while of chasing and finally pinning the annoying thing to the ground, Demyx destoryed it with one large slash to its stomach. The creature cried out in pain before it fluttered away into the air in pieces and wisps of darkness. Demyx stood up and watched the thing disappear before his body wavered... and eventually collapsed in the snow, reverting back to his original form.*

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*The presence that had been hovering over him and avoiding Diva's adorable attempt at marluxiacide became corporal descending just beside him to hover over his charge. He stared down at the boy with an amused disgust.*

[identity profile] 2007-09-21 12:45 pm (UTC)(link)'re are you feeling?

*He wasn't even entirely sure as to his condition. It was always in ones favor to determine the others first.*

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*He stared at him calmly.*


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...Vexen...the miracles of you can see I am perfectly alive.

*Marluxia stood offering him a hand up.*

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..............................*He stared boredly.* Yes a mission...we were assigned to a scouting mission...

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.............Oh...don't you remember?....You were right all along~

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*Marluxia laughed lightly and waved his hand.* Yes yes...the Superior has been raging for weeks don't you remember? You proved everyone wrong.

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.....................You did get hit pretty hard by that keyblade. *He tapped his head*

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...Well if you're sure Demyx~

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You've been out four just seems like you ought to take a potion in case...there was some other damage.

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*Marluxia went to the fridge.....frowning in disgust at the rotted contents.*

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Oh no no...I'm just not hungry after all~

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...When I was reborn I couldn't remember were the only one that showed me any kindness. Don't I owe it to you to return the favor?...even if I'm a nobody you taught me I could still "have a heart"

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But is something.......everyone else shunned me and...I still don't understand why. I suppose it doesn't long as someone is kind to me I don't care about the past.

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ahah but you do know the others have been stationed in a city called Arles...when you're finished resting perhaps we should return it has been...a few weeks. They might have noticed our absence by now at least.

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....After you~