*Ed stood on the side of the road, staring at the upturned ground of the hole he has just covered. He hadn't wanted to do it.. And he didn't think it would go so horribly wrong.. He just hoped that Damn Marcoh kept up his end of the deal. He sighed and turned away, lugging his guilt and his shovel down the street.*
*Cold, alone, and NAKED sitting on the side of the road, Doctor Venture rubbed his head and stared forward blankly. He nodded once, and twice.. then a third time.*

Look is that all you came here for?! To just cut me-- Oh I get it.

*He reached into the pocket of his slacks and produced a pill compact. He shook a couple of his pills loose and popped them into his mouth. His eyes suddenly focused and he frowned, looking up and down the road before turning his attention to his wrist.*

Brock, come in Brock. Brock! I seem to have fallen out of a taxi, surely not on my own accord. Look, put the boys to bed and just swing by and pick me up in the X-1. BROCK?!

*he shook the communicator and stared at it for a moment, before letting out a loud sigh.*

Great and now this thing's out again. What next?

*He sat, frowning for a few moments, before he laboredly climbed to his feet and started to shuffle up the road toward Lahan, muttering to himself as he went.*

Maybe they've got something I can use to fix this damn thing.. Or at least an ATM.
*It was late morning by the time Orihime stirred in bed. She could tell by how warm it was, and by the light that filtered through her curtains. Her curtains... Her....

She sat up suddenly. SHE WAS BACK IN HER ROOM.. Her room in Lahan anyway. It wasn't totally surprising, since they had been in Lahan the day before, but there was a familiar sound coming from the yard. She leaped from bed.. almost. But after a moment of rolling on the floor, untangling herself from her bed sheets, she hurried to the window.

When she peeked out, she saw the creature she had met yesterday, asleep amongst.. HER DUCKS. She cried out happily, and ran through the house, throwing up the front door and hopping off the porch. Hoppy was even there! She scooped him up into a hug, smiling the whole time.*

Hoppy chan! I'm so happy you're alright! You must have been waiting here this whole time.. Ah... *Her smile faded for a moment, she had never heard back from Ichigo the day before.. Maybe he was with Ishida! She hurried back into the house with Hoppy, and just a few minutes later, she was dressed and ready to go. She slipped out of the gate, and started up the road, still clutching the small duck.*
*Well, this was new.. Daath was still looking like some kind of horrible catastrophy had struck it. Many of the buildings were streaked with blood and rust, the layout was nearly unrecognizable in some parts, and all the exits were blocked. Even the cathedral had changed. The entrance had caved in.

Tear sighed and looked to the others*

I think our best course of action would be to find that girl again. It seems that all of this has something to do with her.
*Nearly an hour ago, a large warship anchored itself in the sea just outside of Lahan. As the vast crew worked to secure its position, a tiny boat rowed ashore, with less than a dozen soldiers. The leader of the expedition stepped out of the boat when it halted in the wet sand, and now he stood just a few feet from the beach, gazing out at the ruined town with his arms crossed.*

First ghost hunting and now this.. If I didn't know any better.. *he sighed* At least Junior wasn't really a ghost, huh? *He frowned at the two soldiers that flanked him. One was tall and skinny, the other short and very round.. Both equally inept.* Whaddaya waiting for, let's get moving!

*He made an irritated noise and started for the ruins, like so many before him :D*
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*SIGH. Ever since that idiot, Margulis, attacked the group.. things had been dragging. Shion had gotten herself attacked too, and was now in one of her reclusive moods. Pellegri was ready to jump ship to search for Emeralda, after receiving word from Mathews that Ichigo and crew had gone off on their own and disappeared.. Why couldn't one mission work in their favor? Just once?

Oh well. He had given them some time to turn things around.. and everyone still seemed wrapped up in their own ends. As much as he wanted to help out.. The foundation had to come first. AND Gaignun was so kind as to purchase Vector's latest cloaking technology. THANKS GAIGNUN, YOU'RE A REAL PAL.

Jr. borrowed a certain bluehead android to download the device, and then borrowed a nice MOMO to help install it on Asher. He bribed one with upgrades and the other with the promise of a shopping spree at the bunnie store in exchange for keeping quiet where he'd gone.. Then got himself ready for an infiltration. :D Of Pleroma. AND he set out, thinking he was alone, at least, and whistling an old cowboy tune.*
*Demyx did his training as his original trainer was inside. He used his beat form most of the time as he trained but something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. It was small, black, and had a rather large horn for a mouth.

So after a while of chasing and finally pinning the annoying thing to the ground, Demyx destoryed it with one large slash to its stomach. The creature cried out in pain before it fluttered away into the air in pieces and wisps of darkness. Demyx stood up and watched the thing disappear before his body wavered... and eventually collapsed in the snow, reverting back to his original form.*
*Once the foundation was in place, close to the unnamed planet's orbit, the investigation team was moved to the Elsa so they could launch their ESes from a shorter distance. As they moved from the dock, MOMO took the role of briefing the situation over ES transmission.*

Our craft are currently in data collection mode. Since this planet was recently formed and is still uncharted, our job is to gather data for the UMN, Second Miltia, and the Kukai Foundation. All transmissions and video monitoring are direct linked to the Durandal's mainframe data transfer. So everything we do and see will be monitored for this trip.
*Luke may have been awoken by the sobbing.. or the shaking. but Shampoo was once again in his bed next to him, attempting to wake him... with more force than necessary, most likely.

She wiped at her tears with one hand and shook him with the other*
*Ten more minutes. And anyone not ready to depart would become fairly intimate with rappig care. But that was all good right?*


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