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*Well, this was new.. Daath was still looking like some kind of horrible catastrophy had struck it. Many of the buildings were streaked with blood and rust, the layout was nearly unrecognizable in some parts, and all the exits were blocked. Even the cathedral had changed. The entrance had caved in.

Tear sighed and looked to the others*

I think our best course of action would be to find that girl again. It seems that all of this has something to do with her.

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Her? KEH. She's noting but a bitch.

*Hiruma said as he sucked at his sharp teeth to get some left over pretzel out of them. His ear twitched.*

Besides, what would we do if we did find her again? Experiment on her? Find out what makes her tick?

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A-ah well.. perhaps we could just ah... leave? thisplaceisgivingmethecreeps. Let's get outta here.

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Are you stupid? We couldn't get out, didn't you see the gates? They were totally blocked off. Not even the colonel could break through that!

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.........This is true.

Can't you do some other kind of.. magice to just PORTAL us out?

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Oh yeah, let me just get my magic portal bag! *She snorted and turned away, grumbling*

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*Stork huffed and crossed his arms.*


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...What? *She grinned at him menacingly* Did you just say something to me?

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*Stork flinched and hid behind Tear.*

N-NO no ahnothingatall...~

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*Hiruma tsked.*

Well, let's look up to or commander and chief. I'm sure he knows what to do.

*The young man slowly turned towards Jade, crossing his arms and giving him an expectant look.*

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*Pray tell what are you looking at? Because JADE was in his office and is just now walking up.*

Well well, whatever are we gathering here for?

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*Hiruma shrugged with a loooud yawn, heading back towards the Tatarus, Stork following behind him.*

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You don't want to do that Hiruma...Let us follow Tear.

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*Hiruma rolled his eyes.*

Oh? And why not? I don't give a damn anyways.

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*Anise gathered Ion up and followed Tear. :D*

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Because you'll get eaten.

*He started after Tear too and thats when the large grazes in his back became evident.*

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*Hiruma's eyes widened a small fraction or two and he raised an eyebrow. He grabbed the back of Stork's shirt and dragged him along with, despite his protests. Perhaps he could use the green guys a shield along the way..*

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*There was a crash to the group's right though. A bakery window was shattered by gunfire. It seemed someone inside was.. killing something. :D*

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*Ion flinched away from the noise* AH?! That woman needs help!

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*OH MAN THESE THINGS WERE SO GROSS but that didn't stop him from whipping out his sword and rushing forward to attack.*

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*MASHING BUTTONS She rolled over and got to her feet, then help stomp the monster after Luke sliced it :D THEN she turned to them*

You, you're all still here?

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....YEAH the street got even weirder after you left!! Where the hell are we?!

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If I knew that, I would NOT be here. *She produced the keys she had found just before they caught up with her, and unlocked a box at her feet.*

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*Hiruma stared down at the box.*

..What's that?

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*IT'S yeast.* It's just what I needed. *She rolled her eyes and started back into the bakery's kitchen.*

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All that for some fucking yeast?!? God this whole place has gone fucking nuts.

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*IT SURE HAS, as there was a little shelf nailed to the wall, AND THERE WAS a small space where the yeast fit perfectly. When she replaced it on the shelf, the cupboard next to it clicked open. :D Inside was.. A TILE. A gold one. She took it, and started out of the bakery and up the road to the cathedral :D*

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*THEY SURE DID. And she marched them up to the cathedral steps.. and to the side door. On each side of the door was a square indent. A silver tile had already been placed in the left indent, and now with a twitch of annoyance at being watched, she placed the gold one in the right. The door gave way with a horrible noise, and she entered the cathedral*

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*He stared back at the others seeing if they'd follow*

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*She turned to them all before they had the chance*

Listen, this place has been.. Pretty messed up. So if you're all going to follow me around, you better realize that it isn't my fault if something bad happens to you.

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Well you haven't been explaining much to us in the first place.

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Look, I don't know what's happening! I was just trying to get home when that crazy lady, Claudia, showed up. And now everything keeps getting weird.

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See... You need to EXPLAIN SOME THINGS. *Hiruma snapped, running his hand irritatedly through his hair* Who the hell is Claudia?!

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I don't know.. Some lady. I've never even met her before today.

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Do you know anything else about her?